Slip-ups in Eating Disorder Recovery: 5 Steps to Getting Back on Track

By Linday Gooze,  LMFT

Slip-ups are a part of recovery. When I say this to clients, they often shudder and say, “Maybe for other people, but I want to do this perfectly.” Well, this makes sense. Many people struggling with eating disorders also struggle with perfectionism, rigidity, and black and white thinking. These qualities drive the eating disorder, but they cannot drive recovery.

A Team Approach to Treatment

March 18th Third Annual VFED Luncheon | Sportsmen Lodge in Studio City

A dietitian without a scale and a therapist who collaborates with a dietitian. Together they make a great difference in the lives of their patients.

Over a delicious and elegant luncheon, Aaron Flores, RDN and Lindsey Budd, LMFT treated VFED members to a glimpse of the work they do. After elucidating the concepts of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating, they relayed a moving and encouraging case study about a client who struggles with Compulsive Overeating.