VFED's annual peer supervision

This Table Talk happened on Monday, July 15, 2019

Things can get pretty lonely in Private Practice- after group supervision in training has ceased, or following a career change from a hospital or treatment center setting. So it was sweet to see many solo practitioners at our annual summer Case Conference Table Talk this year- expressing just that and feeling grateful to be together.

Thank you to Nancy L. King for offering a case that had it all- a young adult newly identifying as queer and struggling with Binge Eating Disorder, as well as medical complications and imminent separation from her family of origin. The group collaborated on the controversial importance of wt loss for certain medical problems and the obvious resulting conflict with ED treatment. We discussed scrutinizing a patient’s personal values, and learned from one expert in the room about metabolic changes following a potential bariatric surgery (thanks, Katie Chapman). We considered use of MI for an Eating Disorder patient who has minimum family support, the viability of family therapy, the building of a specialized medical provider team, acquisition of long distance college and meal support, and interstate license issues. We even learned about Spoonies! (thanks, Alyssa Snow Callahan-*see comment)

Each person contributed (also Tessa Gordon, Lindsay Nicole, Josie Munroe, Jennifer Mitnick, Annie Kuni, Ellen Kuni, Anna Leszczynska, and Christine Loeb) and a feeling of mutual respect at the table was palpable. Nancy- who has done a fine job with this young woman expressed gratitude for an enormous amount of new insight and we all left with a great sense of community.

Come to a Table Talk to renew lost contacts and find hidden treasures amongst our many excellent local colleagues.

See you on September 16!

* Spoonies!