Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First: How to keep loving your work in ED

This Table Talk happened on Monday, January 22, 2018

For our last Table Talk, we gathered in January for some maintenance of the spirit, and I think I get it now- Burnout simply has an inverse relationship to Self Care. Celisa Flores Psyd, clever Queen of Calm spoke to our unique vulnerability as healers, allowing for the many good reasons we struggle to take even our own advice. Teaching from Gabor Maté she reminded us that repressing unpleasant emotions can cause us to become ill, perform poorly, and do a disservice to our clients.

With a Self Test Inventory, we evaluated each of our potentials to tire of the work, to grow cynical, or to doubt our effectiveness in the room. After some basic neuro and genetics, we experienced the intentional and reliable practices of breathing and yoga, including a lovely brief shoulder and hip sequence and lessons on the yoga wheel and blocks. We even got to try on at Celisa's Muse headband!

Joining in this advance toward equanimity were Sheri Kemp Barke, @Devon ColeJaimee GooleyJosie ChristinaAmanda Farrell Jennings, Sabrina Garson, Sona DeLurgioAntonia Noble LudwigKim Scott, and Curt Widhalm. Thank you, Celisa Flores PsyD

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Since obtaining a Master’s degree in Counseling with MFT emphasis in 2007 at CSU Fresno and a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2013, Dr. Flores has worked as a therapist in a wide variety of mental health treatment settings, with a focus on Mind-Body wellness. Now with Center for Discovery, Dr. Flores provides clinical outreach for Ventura County and the Central California region.

In this presentation, Dr. Flores will focused on wellness for providers by connecting the history and relevance of mind-body approaches in our own self-care.  As healers, we are often inundated with new approaches and interventions to pass along to our clients; with our focus on them, it can be difficult to decide what might be a good fit for us! This presentation will center on the history and benefits of mind-body practices, followed by some experiential work to facilitate a deeper understanding of our own lives.