Navigating Recovery in an Online World

This Table Talk happened on Monday, November 13, 2017

For those of us less techie VFED clinical people, Josie Christina Munroe, LMFT shed some light on apps, websites, and podcasts this month. Early in her career, she smartly tuned into technology effects, even conducting her own research- into a world that continues to morph right alongside Diet Culture. (60% of respondents had secret accounts related to their eating disorders!) This has translated into an increased risk of depression and anxiety right in our pockets. Josie offers guidelines (below) to distinguish “disorder-glorifying” from support and recovery-oriented resources to redirect people to. We were taught red flags of a troubled relationship with technology and how to help our patients get connected offline. She even suggests sample questions for broaching this sensitive subject. Further reading included.

Thank you to all who attended Anna Newby, Gloria Williamson, Nancy L. KingDana SchwartzSheri Kemp BarkeJanet Goldstein-BallKim ScottCarla KornDevon ColeSarah Nicholson FloresAmanda Farrell JenningsJaimee GooleyCaroline Kurkcuoglu, Taylor Malinowski, Mary Andreasen, and much appreciation to Josie for a great morning!

Download the slideshow from the presentation.


Josie Munroe is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and related issues.  Josie gained invaluable training and education from 5 years with Monte Nido & Affiliates spanning across multiple levels of care. In addition to her private practice located in Encino, she also works as a Consulting Therapist at Center for Discovery.  Josie passionately advocates for the concept of FULL recovery, whether through one-on- one work with her clients, social media, or writing.  After moving to Los Angeles over a decade ago to pursue acting, Josie found meaning and purpose through her own recovery journey and returned to school to study psychology. With her theatrical background, she is fascinated by the dance between one’s “stage self” and the self behind the curtain.  Josie has a special interest in exploring the development and maintenance of the eating disorder identity in her clients and helping facilitate their journey towards passionate and authentic living.