The Flexibility of Yoga in Your General Treatment Plan

This Table Talk happened on Monday, May 15, 2017

To meet Katie Heeran is to know instantly that she embodies and lives the spirit and concepts of Yoga. In her first appearance since becoming licensed (!), we thank her for a beautiful teaching on how to use yoga in our practice. And for reminding us that the ED comes with the client EVERYWHERE. We learned that the breath is important and helps you become mindful- it is not about the asanas (poses). Since the body is the authority- we can use these experiences as fodder in our sessions- to discuss the perfectionism, the comparing and despairing, and the patient's various potential disconnects- all of which we got to explore. We even practiced a few easy breath techniques/Pranayamas, hand gestures/Mudras, and poses/Asanas to use right away in our work!

It was good to see Joseph RohmannBridget O'DonnellKim ScottCaroline KurkcuogluCurt WidhalmJaimee GooleyJoanna SzumskiTonia Noble, and Gina Balit.

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Katie Heeran, M. A., RYT, is a depth-oriented Strategic-Intuitive™ Life Coach and Yoga Instructor for people who want freedom from the things that block them from achieving their Next Level. Her work is really about connecting people to their deepest sense of self while achieving tangible results. In her spare time, Katie enjoys writing poetry, spending time with Kiki, The Best Cat Ever, and posting weekly I Ching readings on Youtube. For more info visit www.KatieHeeran.com.