Call it Meditation, call it Prayer, call it Relaxation.... Individualizing Meditation for your ED patient

This Table Talk happened on Monday, January 14, 2019

New Year, new room, and lots of new people at our Table Talk this week!
Danielle Falvai, LMFT got 2019 off to a sweet start with some science and a marvelous meditation. She walked us through the absurd [but true] array of unique challenges she has faced presenting standard guided meditation to ED groups over the years- imagery involving the body, spirituality, or even just being told to breathe can be problematic to some persons recovering from ED's. Danielle taught us how to use the essence of the meditation- relaxation, imagery of loved ones- (including pets), calming music, a singing bowl. We enjoyed all of the above when she helped time stop for us, as it can sometimes in a group meditation.
The science is compelling and growing– that memory is stored throughout the body. We learned about ligands which are responsible for almost all data transfer in the body and brain. 
Danielle’s references are included in her attached handout. Thank you to Danielle and to all who participated, including Christine Loeb, Nancy Katlin Willinger, Tessa Gordon, Sheri Kemp Barke, Dana Schwartz, Elizabeth Burton Wray, Lindsay Nicole, Josie Christina, Elizabeth Weiner, Amanda Jennings, Anna M Preston, Kim Scott, Lauren Hoover Rios, and Mackenzie Morrin Korus.


Danielle Falvia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and holds a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from California Lutheran University. She works in private practice in Westlake Village where she sees individuals and couples, as well as first responders, and survivors of sexual trauma.Her therapeutic approach centers on freedom from shame, increasing compassion, and integrating mindfulness into treatment. She is certified by Heart Based Therapeutics in treating trauma, and guiding meditation.
Danielle is currently a staff therapist for Wildwood Recovery in Thousand Oaks where she provides therapy to individuals in residential treatment for chemical dependency, as well as provides meditation and art therapy groups.
She has worked in psychiatric care where she helped individuals with severe and persistent mental health disorders learn mindfulness to decrease stress and promote relaxation. She also worked for La Ventana’s Chemical Dependency, Mental Health, and Eating Disorder programs where she guided individual and group therapeutic meditation experiences. She has helped others learn to meditate since completing training in 2010, and has guided hundreds of groups in public and private settings. She is a repeat guest lecturer for Cal Lutheran’s Graduate psychology trauma specialization on incorporating meditation in trauma treatment. She enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, and is an avid gardener. 

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