Adolescence and Eating Disorders: A Stressful Developmental Setup

This Table Talk happened on Monday, February 12, 2018

Angela Bissada, Psy.D loves working with adolescents. And it is contagious. During a week in which we proclaimed #WakeUpWeightWatchers (following their offer of free membership to teens), our Table Talk examined this critical phase of life.

This is a time of Imaginary Audience and False Selves. Of growing hesitancy to be curious and waning potential to call bullshit on society’s attempt to shape them. A Baby Self alternating with a Mature Self in a battle of Revisited Rapprochement.

Still it became clear that to get comfortable in this work is to unlock some of the greatest joys of our career. And fortunately, teens offer many roads inside their vulnerable selves. If much of the secret to all relationships lies in this time of growth- then how exciting to be part of all that! Those present (@Elizabeth Weiner Imf, @Amanda Farrell JenningsSarah Nicholson FloresJaimee GooleyCelisa Flores PsydDevon ColeSheri Kemp BarkeMichele Lynne TamarkinAntonia Noble LudwigKim Scott, and Christine Loeb) wanted more- so Angela has graciously agreed to return later this year.

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Angela Bissada, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in children, adolescents and families. She earned her doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1995 with a Child-Family Clinical emphasis. The topic of her doctoral project was divorce. Dr. Bissada completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and once licensed, was hired on to develop a treatment program serving children and families who had experienced trauma. She created Project Heal and continued her work as director of this program for five years. For the last 18 years, Dr. Bissada has been in private practice working with children, teens and families. In addition to her trauma specialty, Dr. Bissada has expertise in developmental disabilities, depression, anxiety, AD/HD, sexualized behaviors, as well as working with the children and families of divorce, specifically in the area of High-Conflict including collaboration with the legal system. Dr. Bissada has spoken as an expert on the topic of high- conflict divorce for the video program, “The Divorce Project” and has also made several professional presentations on this important topic. She is also a board member of the California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children as well as a member of the Collaborative Practice group, Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley.

Dr Bissada will review Developmental Tasks of this important phase of life during which Eating Disorders are most often born- including mastery over the False Self, unpredicted upheavals, and culturally imposed dilemmas.