Fancy Spring Luncheon 2019

Thank you to all who joined us for Fancy Spring Luncheon 2019! VFED greatly appreciates the love and support and we look forward to more time together.

Food = Medicine
Dr Elaine Rosen opened our lovely afternoon by outlining basic features of the ED programs- Nourished For Life and the Medical Stabilization Program at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. She described traits of the adolescent patients she is seeing and conveyed solutions to common sticky points when engaging with this population. Her basic message was one of the hope she currently holds when proper treatment is available. Ideally this includes family involvement/FBT at some point (, though Adolescent Focused care is a fine alternative. Criteria for when FBT is not considered and elements of remaining options were reviewed. 
So- flexibility in treatment modalities as recovery progresses, and widespread collaboration w/ a variety of colleagues. I came away feeling excited about an endless variety of experiences that we are all lucky to have in this work.

Room of Relaxation
It is a joy in life to scan a room of friends and colleagues, only to see sleepy smiles seeming to ask the question, “What just happened?”
Part II of our day treated us to the treasure that is a Sound Bath- facilitated by the great Ossie Mair, LMFT. It was apparent in a way that transcends words here- that Sound Bath is indeed a useful and effective tool in the treatment of target populations as well as our own professional Compassion Fatigue. Typically, a state of deep relaxation is indeed achieved by this journey of pure sound and vibration and as we learned, sound & music are truly nutrients for the nervous system.
Our thanks to Ossie Mair.