Please join us for The VFED Fancy Spring Luncheon 2020 

VFED Fancy Spring Luncheon 2020

Friday March 6th 2020, from 11am-2:00pm 

Sportsmen's Lodge

12825 Ventura Boulevard

Studio City, CA 91604

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We are pleased to welcome Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, MFT, CEDS 

Challenges, Controversies, and Conflicts in the Eating Disorder Field

Carolyn Costin will bring her experience and expertise to the discussion of several areas of controversy in the eating disorder field.  She will include challenges where the healthy eating or medical community collide with eating disorder philosophy or practices.  Carolyn will give a variety of examples and scenarios, promote discussion and offer some take home solutions for practitioners.

There are many areas where the eating disorder field and social movements collide and practitioners need help on how best to navigate the terrain. 

Eating disorder treatment providers are tasked with treating patients in larger bodies- some with medical and/or social consequences, yet we know that dieting to lose weight most often fails and can cause or exacerbate an eating disorder.

Additionally, the number of people choosing to avoid dairy, gluten, starches, or even all grains continues to be on the rise. Being an organic eater, vegetarian, or vegan is also becoming increasingly mainstream. These can be choices made from an eating disorder mind-set or can exacerbate an eating disorder.  But they can also be driven by health issues or even climate change.

Lastly, as we have learned more about genetics and neuropsychology, we risk giving patients the idea that the cause of an eating disorder is limited to hardwired genetics.

Carolyn will explore these issues offering some guidance in this turbulent terrain.

Participants will be able to : 

1. explain to doctors the importance of assessing for an Eating Disorder prior to simply prescribing weight loss 

2. state one way of redirecting clients away from weight loss as “the” goal

3. describe how assessing for fear of weight gain can help determine if “healthy eating” is, in fact the primary goal

4. list one way families can help while respecting their child's innate temperament


Sound Healing: How to incorporate sound into one’s practice

"Physical illness is like an untuned piano"…Rudolph Steiner

Carolyn will take the first 30 min of the presentation to discuss various aspects of research regarding sound and its ability to help clients in a clinical practice. She will describe a bit about how sound has been used over time and how people are responsive to sound.

In the second half of the presentation Carolyn will demonstrate the use of sound using song and different instruments.  Then she will show how different instruments facilitate a shift in energy and awareness and discuss how this can lead to certain levels of healing

Participants will be able to:

1. list one study showing that sound can affect physiology

2. list one study demonstrating the effect of Singing Bowls

3. define the term "Entrainment"

4. describe one way sound was used in ancient civilizations

5. list one resource for learning more about the use of Sound Healing


Schedule for the day:

11-11:45am - Check-in and Networking

11:45am - Lunch Service Begins

12:00pm - Challenges, Controversies & Clashes in the ED World

1:00 pm  - Sound Bath Talk and Experience

About our speaker:
Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, LMFT, CEDS is a world-renowned, highly sought-after eating disorder clinician, author, and international speaker. As a young therapist Carolyn recognized her calling after successfully treating her first eating disorder client.
Recovered in her twenties, Carolyn was first to publicly take the position that people with eating disorders can become fully recovered.
After 15 years in private practice and running hospital programs Carolyn was determined to improve the relapse rate. Recognizing a gap in the eating disorder field, Carolyn opened Monte Nido, the first residential facility in a home setting. There, she combined standard treatment with meditation and yoga, and clients shopped, prepared and cooked food.  Carolyn’s contributions to the field are extensive. Her six books, service in every major eating disorder organization, decades of training professionals worldwide, and the outstanding success of Monte Nido, all spurred Carolyn to international acclaim.
 In 2016, Carolyn left Monte Nido and created The Carolyn Costin Institute, to fill another gap in the eating disorder treatment field by offering training, supervision and certification for eating disorder coaches.  The institute also offers continuing education for clinicians and dietitians, and specialty courses. 
Carolyn is an active, passionate, inspiring force in the eating disorder field. 


At the end of the presentations, you will be asked to fill out a short written evaluation and then you will receive your Certificate for 2  CEUs.
Two CE’s provided for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs and/or LCSWs. Learning codes suggested for RDs include 4180, 5200, 6020.
This presentation meets the qualifications  for 2 hours of continuing education credit as required by the BBS (PCE 5832). VFEDpros is approved by the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and/or LCSWs (CEPA Provider Number: 133509).  VFED maintains responsibility for this program and it's content.

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Non endorsement disclaimer: VFED does not specifically endorse any speakers, practitioners, organizations or products. Presenters may express a wide range of opinions and views that do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of VFED and/or you as an individual.  This variety is presented for our collective knowledge within this diverse field.

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